Funnelytics Pro Review

Funnelytics Pro is web-based mapping and analytics software created by Mikael Dia and his team of developers and marketers.

The guys were looking for a reliable, affordable and easy to use mapping and analytics tool but got frustrated after a long search. The product is available in a BETA version which was launched in December 2017.

If you have very many sales funnel ideas that you need to materialize, this PRO version is the best deal. More so, if you aren’t a pen and paper person, it is relieving.

You could be wondering who this software is built for. Not a specific group like you might think. If you are very serious and determined to build sales funnels and track multi-channel data, this Funnelytics Pro software is for you.

Currently, the most difficult thing is being able to track conversion data such as Google analytics and determine the channels that aided in driving conversion.

The world is currently a multi-device and multi-channel and it is hard to understand the whole process so as to discern before getting customers who are beneficial to your online business.

The Good and the Bad

The advantages are the clarity and being a tool that can be used to give more value to any business, its clients and the customers.

You are able to generate more revenue no matter how little the amount of investment on this tool. The downside comes about when you don’t use it.

This is going to be another burden that won’t give any results because you aren’t using it. Another disadvantage comes about when you are overwhelmed with what the tool can do.

This mapping tool is very powerful. It is not good to overwhelm yourself by involving in mapping all the pages that are on your site.

This could be sounding absurd but most first time users often do this. Simply map the key pages on the site and specific actions that you want people to take.

It is a powerful yet very useful tool if you use it wisely. It can also be a bad investment if you just log in once and forget about it.

Well, there are a few alternatives to this software. After the BETA version was launched, there was a rise in competitors. No one is criticizing the alternatives.

As you think of paying a few bucks to try them out, it is important to know that you are looking only for the best tool. Any other substandard software will be a waste of money and resources.

How you can use the Funnelytics Pro

Mapping out ideas. As you go about your business and research on the internet, your head gets flooded with ideas-some which are viable and others might not be.

For you to get these ideas to materialize, you need this pro software in order to map these ideas with the clients.

There is a premium vault that enables the user to access some of the top marketing funnels and make use of them.

While sharing is caring, you also get to interact and learn from clients and peers. The Funnelytics Pro allows you to share these funnels with your peers and clients.

You can refer traffic and be able to see the top converting pages.

Besides tracking and organizing pages, the software allows you to track and analyze popups, events, scroll percentages, video percentages and many others.

There is a free version of the Funnelytics. It is still useful and allows you to map out the sale funnel ideas that you have.

The pro version is however more powerful than the free version and it has so many useful features like the ability to track stats of every step of the funnel.

You can track YouTube views, clicks, popups, events, scrolls if you have integrated it with the Google tag manager. It makes it very easy to see what others are doing on your site.

More Features

A look into the VAULT, this is something that will catch your attention very fast. After purchasing and upgrading to the Funnelytics Pro, there is a onetime offer which is the vault.

The vault is basically a collection of other funnel hacks that are added each month. About 2 to 4 hacks. This is a very big saver when it comes to resources-especially time and money.

The Funnelytics Pro team are purchasing the upsells and products in order to view the whole process of sales funnels.

One good thing about the vault is being able to import exact Funnelytics templates and their respective versions of the ClickFunnels template and ads swipe files.

There are new features in the pro version and you can begin sharing the funnels that you create, share them with peers and clients.

You can share them by sharing the template link and anyone who has a free Funnelytics account can single click and install on their dashboards or you can download a PNG image of your template.

Once on the Funnelytics Pro account and dashboard, you can log in and create a new project. Proceed to create a funnel or you can browse on options that have been provided.

On the settings page is the analytics script that you can embed on all pages on your website. This is relevant for the tracking purpose.

Simply drag and drop elements that you need to be added on the funnel. That is basically how you can create the first funnel map using Funnelytics Pro. Quite easy?


As a business person, it is important to understand the area of your business that requires improvement. Using Funnelytics Pro will optimize the steps of the funnel that are on the verge of losing and in the end will make you lots of money.

It simply analyzes every step in the sales process, goes ahead to recognize areas that require attention and improvement and optimize them to profit.

As you think of making an investment, make sure that you learn how the software works to ensure that you benefit from it. Don’t just log in and forget about it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Funnelytics

What Is Funnelytics?

Funnelytics is a simple and aesthetically pleasing funnel mapping software that you can use to design, track and analyze your marketing funnels.

It’s the first product of its kind to focus on funnel visualization.

Mikael Dia created Funnelytics after being frustrated that there wasn’t a better tool out there for mapping funnels and tracking analytics all in one place.

He had too many funnel ideas in his head and nowhere to put them!

But Dia wanted to do more than just visualize his funnels…

He wanted to track their effectiveness to be sure that they were profitable.

With Funnelytics, not only do you get to map your funnels with ease, but you get to analyze how they perform with tracking analytics, all within the Funnelytics mapping platform.

What’s Included Inside Funnelytics?

Funnelytics is available in a free and Pro version.

The difference between the two is drastic.

Funnelytics Review - BASIC vs PRO features

Funnelytics Basic has just enough awesome features to give you a taste of how great Funnelytics Pro could really be.

With Funnelytics Pro, you get a whole host of cool features to help you optimize your funnels and boost revenue:

  • Unlimited funnels
  • Goal and conversion tracking
  • Customer profiles
  • Email tracking
  • Ad tracking
Premium funnel templates from industry experts, and much more…


My Favorite Funnelytics Features

Funnelytics helps me…

  • Learn more about the highest converting funnels from industry experts.
  • Learn more about my own funnels by harvesting data.
  • Craft my ideas by helping me map them out in front of me.

Funnelytics levels up your funneling to warp speed with the following features:

  • Funnelytics Vault: High-performing funnel templates from expert marketers that are proven to convert.
  • Visually appealing drag ‘n drop funnel builder.
  • Share funnels easily via downloaded images or shareable links.
  • Identify which traffic sources give you the best ROI.
  • Analyze how users flow through your funnel to identify which pages you need to strengthen.
  • Track detailed metrics regarding user engagement.

Review Of Funnelytics Key Features & Benefits

Here’s a breakdown of Funnelytics’ most impressive features:

When you sign up for the free version, Funnelytics founder Mikael Dia introduces the Funnelytics Vault.

Right now, you can gain lifetime access to the Vault for only $47.

The Funnelytics Vault is a collection of pre-made funnel templates from some of the biggest marketers in the world:

  • Molly Pittman: Digital Marketer
  • Dan Henry:
  • Sam Ovens:
  • Ryan Levesque: ASK Method
  • Grant Cardone: The Millionaire Booklet

and many more…

Why start from scratch when you can start with tested funnels created by the marketers you already know and respect?

Funnelytics purchased all of the best funnel products and took screenshots of them so that you don’t have to.

How to Group Icons in Funnelytics

There are 2 ways to get custom images for your funnel map. Either enter the URL of your page and we grab a snapshot of it, or if you’re a Pro user, upload your own icons/ logos, etc to re-use again and again.

Generating Thumbnails 📸: (available to all users)

  • Double click on the page icon
  • A popup will appear on the right side of the canvas for the icon
  • In the URL field, enter the exact URL of the page you want to generate
  • Click the Camera (📸) icon and the image of the page will load in

Custom Icons: (available to Funnelytics Pro users only)

To upload your icons: 

  • Go to your Dashboard, click the ‘Icons‘ tab in the left nav bar.
  • Click ‘Create Folder’ give your icon set a name, and click ‘Create’
  • You will then see the new folder you created appear
  • Click on the upload button and select the files you want to add in
  • Next, Choose one of these icon types:
  • Page
  • Traffic Source
  • Offline

…And don’t forget to save your icon!

Currently, you need to change the icon type one-by-one. No bulk select options are available. Please note that we only support PNG and JPEG image formats currently.


Your icon will then be available in the canvas under Pages, Traffic, or Offline (depending on what you chose) in the side navigation bar for you to use!

Note: To delete an icon, click on ‘Edit’ in your icon folder and ‘Delete’.

How to Install Scripts in Funnelytics

It is crucial for this to be done correctly in order to track web traffic entering your funnel. Once the script is installed, your funnel will have the ability to track people who enter your funnel, the pages they visit and the actions they take.

The installation process in this guide will get you tracking fast. However, it is recommended that you take a few extra steps to install the tracking script using Google Tag Manager.

Think of Google Tag Manager (GTM) as a container that houses all of your tracking scripts in one place. GTM also provides advanced triggering options that will allow you to fire specific scripts (called tags), on certain actions a user takes (like clicks, page scroll, video views, form submissions etc).

We highly recommend using GTM for the following reasons:

  • You only need to install one piece of code on your website, then everything is managed through GTM
  • All your tracking codes are managed in one convenient place
  • It will make life a lot easier for tracking Actions in Funnelytics in the future
  • It allows you to quickly deploy new tracking codes to your site
  • It provides testing tools to ensure your tracking is working before making them public
  • It protects your site (Google scans your tags to make sure they are safe)
  • And…it’s free!

No matter what method you choose, Funnelytics tracking will help you gain valuable insights to improve your funnel and conversions over time.

If you prefer to proceed with the basic script install, please continue reading this article…

What You’ll Need to Get Started

In order to follow along with the instructions in this article, you will require the following items.

  • Website or Landing Page
  • A Funnelytics Project
  • Funnel inside the Project
  • At least 1 Step in the Funnel

Funnelytics Lingo


Project can be thought of as a folder or container that houses one or more funnels. Each project has its own tracking script. Therefore all funnels that live in the same project share the same tracking script.


Funnel is a series of steps (pages, traffic sources, and actions) mapped on the Funnelytics canvas. A funnel lives inside a project, and is tracked using the projects tracking script.


Steps are the building blocks of a funnel. Whether it is a page, traffic source, or action these are  all steps in your funnel.


Links connect all the steps in your funnel. They allow you to see the total number of people and percentage that flow between each step.

SECTION I – Installing the Script

In this section, we will be showing how to install the script on WordPress. If you are using another pagebuilder like ClickFunnels, Kartra, etc. we have specific installation instructions, as follows:

Note: If you are using a solution not listed above, or having any other issues or questions regarding a specific page builder, please contact support via our customer support team using the in-app chat bubble.

Step 1 – Install Headers and Footers WordPress Plugin

In order to install Funnelytics in WordPress, you can use a plugin called Insert Headers and Footers.

Keep in mind that you can use any plugin that injects code into the footer of every page on your website, it doesn’t have to be the one in this example.

Just make sure that you are placing the code in the <footer> of your pages.

Step 2 – Copy Funnelytics Project Tracking Code

At this point you should already have created a Project and a Funnel with at least 1 page step in your Funnelytics account. If you have not yet done that, go do it now.

To set up Funnelytics tracking, you need to locate the tracking script for your Project. There are two places you can find it.

OPTION 1 – Under Project Settings

  1. Select your Project
  2. Click Settings
  3. Agree to Funnelytics Terms of Use
  4. Select and Copy the Tracking Script

OPTION 2 – Inside your Funnel’s Settings Panel

  1. Open your Funnel
  2. Open the Funnel Setting Panel in the Funnel Canvas
  3. Select and Copy the  Tracking Script from the Settings Panel

Step 3 – Paste Funnelytics Code into WordPress

Open the Insert Headers and Footers plugin under Settings > Insert Headers and Footers and paste your tracking script in the Scripts in Footer text area and save your changes

NOTE: As soon as you click save the tracking script will start collecting data about visitors to your site.

Step 4 – Verify the Script is Loading on Your Site

To verify the code is loading on your pages navigate to any page on your site in Google Chrome.

Click the menu button in the upper-right hand corner of the browser and select More Tools > Developer Tools

You will see a new panel open.

  1. Ensure you have the Elements tab highlighted
  2. Click anywhere in the HTML code (ensure a line is highlighted)
  3. Press CTRL + F on Windows or Command + F on Mac and type window.funnelytics into the search bar that appears

If you see the text window.funnelytics highlighted in yellow, you have successfully installed the script on your site!

SECTION II – Verify Funnelytics Tracking in the Canvas

At this point you should perform a second check to ensure that Funnelytics is pulling data into the Canvas.

STEP 1 – Open Your Funnel

You need to ensure that you have at least 1 page in your funnel in order to complete this section.

If you haven’t done so yet

  1. Add a Page to your funnel
  2. Open the Page Settings
  3. Set the Page URL to a page on your site.

STEP 2 – Analyze Your Funnel

Next we will enter Analyze mode to pull data into our funnel.

  1. Refresh your Analytics if you don’t see a green check mark
  2. Click Numbers
  3. Ensure the number underneath your page is greater than 0

NOTE: If the number still reads zero, navigate to a page on your website that you have mapped in your canvas and refresh it to generate some data.

Follow the above steps again and the number should read greater than 0.


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