Dream Car Profits by Jacob Caris

It’s not easy to win the dream car from ClickFunnels. Although everyone makes it look easy, it’s not that easy to actually have 100 affiliates under you signing up for ClickFunnels.

How Many People Have Won The Dream Car From ClickFunnels?

Currently there are around 200 people who have won the dream car from ClickFunnels. This means that these people have either referred 100 or 200 people to ClickFunnels.

If you refer 100 people to ClickFunnels, you can make at least $4,000 per month on a RECURRING basis. That means each month your affiliates pay for their account (if they get the $97 plan, you get 40% of that) so you’d make around $39 per month for every person you refer. So, $39 times 100 means $3,900 in passive income!

And, if some of your affiliates get the higher $297 plan, that means you stand to make even more. And on top of that, if you refer 100 people, you get a $500 bonus towards your dream car. ClickFunnels will pay you $500 each month towards your car payment. No joke!

And if you refer 200 people to ClickFunnels, you get paid a $1000 dream car bonus on top of your earnings; this means that ClickFunnels will pay you $1,000 each month towards payment of your dream car.

clickfunnels dream car dreamcar

How Can I Win The Dream Car From ClickFunnels?

Understandably, by now, you must be wondering how you can win the dream car contest by ClickFunnels and have Russell Brunson pay your car payments for you.

Honestly, the easiest, cheapest solution for you is to get this course.

Why? Because it’s by Jacob Caris, a dream car winner from 2018.

Jacob Caris managed to get 100 affiliates under his belt (and counting!) in two years, WHILE working a demanding corporate job in Finance. And he started without a list, without knowledge about affiliate marketing, and he did it.

He says he started with the SEO Affiliate Domination Course that I recommend on my website (by Greg Jeffries). Then, once he went through the course, he started a website on ClickFunnels. After he started to make money from his website, he invested in paid traffic. And he reveals ALL the steps he took called Dream Car Profits.

The best part is, Jacob is offering the course for super cheap right now.

Honestly, when you go through Dream Car Profits, it’s actually a very simple, to-the-point training. You won’t feel overwhelmed and you won’t feel like you have information overload. It’s just straight value. It is actually everything he did himself and that’s what he’s sharing in the course.

What does Dream Car Profits Include?

Jacob Caris includes the following strategies in the course:

  1. Blogging (with a SECRET twist that he introduces, that can help your conversions by 30%!)
  2. YouTube videos (how to create YouTube videos that RANK and that help you get closer to your dream car from ClickFunnels
  3. Paid ads (how to do Google Ads and Bing Ads the RIGHT way – he does an over the shoulder walk-through and makes this super simple)
  4. Coaching calls (how you can offer coaching calls for your business)
  5. SECRET MODULE – if you have some money, you can use this method to catapult your success!

I would highly recommend anything by Jacob Caris. He’s honest and straight-forward, and he’s a hard worker. If you’re interested in working hard and building long-term passive income, I’d definitely recommend for you to follow him and get Dream Car Profits.

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